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"Origins and destinations"

Aktualisiert: 21. März 2022

'Origins and Destinations' - IAPMA Coral Jubilee Touring Exhibition - Europe Edition Spain Event Dates The exhibition is opened from January 29, 2022 until April 17, 2022. Artist Eliana Anghinah, May Babcock, Ângela Barbour, Imke Beek, Aidée Bernard, Kathrin Biffi, Eszter Bornemisza, Anita Brendgens, Ulrike Buck, Jocelyn Châteauvert, Viviane Colautti Ivanova, Aline Dalgleish, Alexandra Deutsch, Park Eunsoo, Ina Fekken, Michel Gautier, Hazel Glass, Gundel Hädeler, Hong Yun He, Inci Kansu, Punika Kharas, Eva Kipp, Elizabeth Mackie, Marie Claire Meier, Ruth Moro, Siegrid Müller-Holtz, Metka Pepelnak, Hilda Piedrahita, Elly Prestegard, Jytte Rasmussen, Gerda Ritzmann, Priscilla Robinson, Heike Schaefer, Lilo Schaer, Wilhelm Schramm, May-Lucy Süess, Minnamarina Tammi, Daniela Todorova, Miroslawa Truchta-Nowicka, Helene Tschacher, Pierrette Vergne, Anne Vilsbøll, Lennie Vorttman, Nane Wenhammar, Angelika Wolpert Opening Hours Monday to Thursday 9 am - 2 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10.30 am - 2.30 pm Location Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades Carrer Pau Casals, 10, 08786 Capellades, Barcelona More Information Final destination of the 35th year IAPMA Anniversary Exhibition in Spain IAPMA was founded in 1986 in Düren, Germany, at a meeting held in conjunction with the opening of The First International Paper Art Biennale in Europe at the Leopold Hoesch Museum. The first meeting of the association was housed by the paper Mill Museum of Capellades, Barcelona ( Spain). The founding members originated from numerous countries around the globe who were elected to create an international association focusing on paper and all its aspects. In the 35 years since its founding, IAPMA members have ventured to destinations far and wide to share their love of paper art and cultural exchange, creating a worldwide network of artists and craftspersons across more than 40 countries. What is it that ties our past to our future? What is the path we take or make to get there? How do we move around the obstacles in our path? Networks, maps, transit systems, systems of communication, interconnectedness, adventure, nostalgia, memory, intuition, resourcefulness and creative problem-solving. Perhaps it is not so much the destination as the journey. We have encouraged IAPMA members to explore this theme through paper artwork and share it with us. Curatoral commission /Commissars/ Comisarios: Nicole Donelly, Ângela Barbour and Victòria Rabal Further information: Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades Phone +34 938 01 28 50 Email

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